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It is difficult to face the horror and tragedy of what we humans are doing to the planet and each other; to do so takes great courage. When we do, it is inevitable that we will feel, if we have not completely lost our innocence and humanity, pain and remorse. It is likely that, when we continue to look, we will feel angry and frustrated, knowing that there are many powerful people who are consciously participating in environmental destruction, the proliferation of warfare, and social and economic inequity. To look honestly at these facts, and to feel the depth of their implications, it entails the possibility that we will feel sadness, remorse, grief outrage and pain. We have to make a conscious choice to “go there;” to allow ourselves to feel these uncomfortable feelings.

It seems easier to stay numb, distracted and blissfully ignorant. It seems easier to stay distracted, in the countless ways we do so – mostly our addictions, and the myriad forms they take. It seems easier to continue to consume mindlessly, without considering how our consumption affects environment and our fellow humans. But is it truly easier?

It seems easier, as Al Gore says in his groundbreaking documentary about global warming, these “inconvenient truths” (link) are leading to a catastrophe that can no longer be ignored. This site is designed for youth; many of you will at some point marry and have children. The question is, what kind of a world will they inherit? Will there be an environment and the resources to allow them to grow and flourish as every parent desires for his or her child? There seems to be significant doubt as to the veracity of that assumption.

So, the question is, how do we do this? How we turn from ignorance (“a lack of knowledge, understanding, or education”) to facing the reality of the dire conditions we have created on our planet? Equally important, of course, once we have gained the knowledge, understand and education necessary, is knowing what specific ACTIONS we can take to contribute to a more loving, just, sustainable and world. That is precisely the purpose of this project.

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